Does a registered office address have to be in the UK?

There is no legal requirement for a registered office address to be in the UK. However, there are a number of practical considerations to take into account if you are thinking of using a foreign address.

Firstly, you should check with the Companies House to see if they have any restrictions on foreign registered office addresses. Secondly, you need to consider whether the address will be accessible to you and your company's officers. If it is not, it could create difficulties if you need to communicate with Companies House or HMRC.

Finally, you need to think about whether using a foreign address could create confusion for your customers or suppliers. If you are trading in the UK, it is usually best to use a UK address for your registered office.

What is a registered office address?

A registered office address is the official address of a company. It is the address that is used for official correspondence and is where legal documents are served. The registered office address must be in the country in which the company is registered. For example, if a company is registered in the United Kingdom, its registered office address must be in the United Kingdom.

Do I need a registered office address in the UK?

When registering a company in the UK, you are required to provide a registered office address. This is the official address of your company and will be used for correspondence from Companies House, HMRC, and other official bodies. Your registered office address must be in the UK, but it does not have to be in the same city or town as your business premises. You can use a registered office service provider, which will give your company a professional address and handle any correspondence on your behalf.

How do I change my registered office address?

If you want to change your registered office address, you need to follow the process set out in the Companies Act 2006. This involves sending a notice to Companies House, which must be signed by a director or company secretary. The notice must contain the old and new registered office addresses. You also need to send a copy of the notice to all shareholders. If you don't follow the correct process, your registered office address won't be changed.

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