Starting your business

To start your business with ease

Business ideas

Earning money with your different business projects

Business plan

Mastering the essential steps of a modern business plan

Business financing

Prepare for the success of your project with appropriate funding

Legal status

Understand the legal context applying to an economic activity.

Virtual offices

Starting an online business

Do you want to be financially independent and be able to make a living from an Internet business? To help you find modern projects for your future digital business, consult the expert advice on the most interesting formulas.

Regardless of the field you decide to pursue, success will depend on your skills and competencies, as well as your professional and personal development. Improve your productivity by using virtual offices. They allow your business to operate from anywhere with an internet connection as offered by the HelloPrimo platform. Discover all the benefits you and your employees can enjoy.

Virtual office
online business

Business Coaching

Coaching programs to make your business successful

Team management

Team management

Master all the keys to team management in business

Management style

Management style

Implementing the ideal management style for your company

Managing your accounts

Managing your accounts

Manage your accounting easily with the right tools

Doing business online

Doing business online

Discover all the tips for a successful business on the Internet

Entrepreneurial challenges

Entrepreneurial challenges

The 4 biggest challenges of the new entrepreneur

Registering your business
There are several ways to legally register your business. It is possible, for example, to confuse your home address with your company address. Find out about the advantages of a good address.
Business marketing

Business marketing

Trend: the return of participatory marketing

Participatory marketing takes content marketing to the next level. It is about creating more experiential campaigns so that customers can interact with your brands more effectively. Learn in great detail about the fundamentals of participatory marketing, co-creation and improving the customer experience through participation and engagement.

BtoB Development

Digital, the essential ally for BtoB companies

With more than 200 million users, digital is required to meet the needs of the BtoB market. Every day, the experts acquire more experience in the digital field to better understand the needs of companies and how to deploy innovative, evolutionary and connected solutions. Discover all the tricks to sell better in BtoB and identify your targets with ease.

Management of the company

Main tools for steering a company

The management of a company is the management of an operation through the observation and decision of its employees. Discover the main tools for steering a company. A rigorous framework of the purchasing process that subjects the current price to the price of existing suppliers and the risks of market evolution, but indicates which design price will bring the highest degree of profit sharing. Use the resulting information to make critical decisions to produce with the lowest variable cost.